Somehow, someway, Reid, Turner still here

Guys, have you heard? Norv Turner and Andy Reid are on the hot seat.

It’s, like, all over the news.


"It’s vital for this season to be different because this entire team is on the hot seat. Turner was kept by ownership -- despite the urging from much of the fan base."

"Reid understands he's coaching under serious job-security pressure."


“Norv Turner unconcerned with job security.”

“Andy Reid on the hot seat?”


“Coach on the hot seat? The Chargers’ brass is behind Turner.”

“Andy Reid's future in Philadelphia. Is he on the hot seat?”


“There are a few coaches who are heading for their own hot seats because of rough starts -- including the San Diego Chargers’ Norv Turner.”

“Some fans might wonder why the Eagles are thinking about extending the relationship [with Andy Reid].”


“We had San Diego coach Norv Turner on the hot seat last week and guess what? [He's] staying there this week.”

“If the Eagles finish the season with consecutive losses, Reid and his quarterback will both be on the hot seat.”


Note: 2007 was Turner’s first year in San Diego after getting fired by the Oakland Raiders. (The Oakland Raiders!)

“Embarrassing losses put Reid on hot seat.”

And on it goes, likely back to the beginning of time.