Proposed Brooklyn Islanders billboards

Maybe some new Brooklyn Islanders fans have homeopathic help to keep Rick DiPietro on the ice. Mike Stobe/NHLI/Getty Images

The former New Jersey Nets organization made their presence known in Brooklyn earlier this year with billboard slogans, including “Brooklyn now has a home team” and “Bridges will be crossed.”

With the Islanders on the way, they’ll need some billboard slogans of their own.

1. "Brooklyn now has another bad team!"

2. "Checks will be crossed."

3. "Playoff beards and hipster beards look the same."

4. " '80s retro is in. Cool. That’s when we were good last."

5. "You’ve got flannel, scarves and knit hats. We’ve got ice. It’s perfect."

6. "Forecheck. Light the Lamp. Puck Bunny. Hockey terms could be band names."

7. "The NBA is so mainstream."

8. "We proudly use recycled players."

9. "Think of the glass around the rink as a big Mason jar."

10. "Does anyone have any herbal remedies for Rick DiPietro?"