Ten fascinating walrus/Andy Reid facts

1. A walrus can stay under water for 30 minutes before coming up for air. An Andy Reid can stay under .500 for no more than one week before local sports-radio hosts rip him on the air.

2. Walrus whiskers are not hairs. They are sensitive, tactile organs. Andy Reid whiskers are also sensitive, and it hurts him when you make fun of him on Twitter.

3. An adult male walrus can weigh nearly 3,000 pounds. Andy Reid’s playbook of short passes and bubble screens has nearly 3,000 pages.

4. The body of a walrus is covered with a thin layer of hair. The body of an Andy Reid is covered in a thick, black onesie and has a toolbelt around its waist.

5. Every two or three years, a female walrus gives birth to a calf. Every two or three years, an Andy Reid gives birth to a playoff team.

6. Walruses feed on clams, mussels, krill, crabs, worms and snails. Andy Reid used to feed on weak Giants, Cowboys and Redskins, but has found them much harder to devour since about 2004.

7. Walruses have poor eyesight. Andy Reids have poor clock management.

8. A walrus can live as long as 30 years in the wild. An Andy Reid can survive as long as 14 years on the hot seat.

9. The natural enemies of the walrus are the killer whale and the polar bear. The natural enemies of the Andy Reid are the standings and contract-buyout provisions.

10. Walruses have been close to extinction several times. Andy Reid has never been closer to extinction.

Walrus facts via EnvironmentalGraffiti.com. Andy Reid facts via watching the Eagles play.