Uni Watch: More college basketball changes

Last week we had the annual Uni Watch college basketball season-preview column, which documented all of this season's new uniforms.

Well, almost all of them. As is usually the case, a bunch of design changes managed to fly under Uni Watch's radar, and several others didn't come to light until certain schools played their season-opening games. So here's a supplemental list of college hoops uni changes:

• Disappointing move by Bradley, which has dropped the block-shadowed typography. Also: a new court design.

Buffalo has made lots of changes to its side panels and trim.

Cincinnati has added a "27" memorial patch for former player Jack Twyman.

Creighton has finally scrapped those badly dated collarbone horns.

Illinois State wore a new silver uniform design for the season-opening game against UC Santa Barbara on Nov. 11. Also: The Redbirds have a new court design.

Kent State's chest lettering has changed from single-decker to double-decker.

Kentucky wore a new uniform -- similar to their regular home design, but with gray-on-white checkerboarding instead of blue-on-white -- for the season-opening game against Maryland on Nov. 9.

Mississippi has changed its color scheme from blue with red trim to the other way around. Note the more streamlined collar, too.

Notre Dame is planning a blackout for Nov. 29, and it looks like the Irish will be wearing black uniforms, at least judging by this video clip.

Rhode Island has switched from Nike to adidas, and is now going with a more old-school look. Love that circular typography.

Richmond wore these throwbacks for the season opener and will wear them a few more times during the season. There's also a centennial logo, although it doesn't look like it's being worn as a patch.

Rutgers got new home uniforms a year ago, but the Scarlet Knights' road uni design stayed the same. This year they have new roads to match last years homes.

South Dakota State has switched from Nike to Under Armour, which of course means new uniforms.

Tulsa is going with a more old-school look, including a really nice chest script.

UCLA’s court design has been updated, with the center-court jump circle having been replaced by a "UCLA Bruins" script.

• What's "The Dub"? It's the new uniform for UNC-Wilmington. Probably the most audacious new design of the year.

VCU has a new court design.

• How can you tell Vermont is a small program? They're just now getting that necklace-style adidas collar that everyone else started wearing years ago.

West Virginia has added little cover-up patches just above the players' names. Why? Because the Mountaineers have moved from the Big East to the Big 12, and they're still using last season's jerseys (at least for now), so they needed to cover up the Big East logo.

Do you know of still more uniform changes? If you do, first check to make sure they weren't already covered in last week's column. If you don't see it there, go ahead and send it here.

(Big thanks to all the readers who submitted tips that ended up being included in this supplemental list.)

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