Come and see the Miami MAAArlins

The Florida Marlins' big trade with the Toronto Blue Jays is pending Major League Baseball approval, so it's time for the Marlins to start thinking about new marketing slogans. Especially since there's not too much to market. We took to Twitter and asked for suggestions. Here are the best ones, in our opinion:

"Come watch us now before we get rid of these guys too." -- Kevin Dickinson, @krd009

"For the family who can't afford Heat tickets." -- Kevin Zegers, @kevinzegers1984

"Home of the Sellouts: Not the attendance ones." -- Colin Lindsley, @clindsley

"Building A Better Tomorrow...Tomorrow." -- Jeff Batt, @jtbatt18

"Oops, we did it again." -- James Bondman, @james_bondman

"Marlins Baseball 2013: You're Gonna Need A Program." -- Evan Tynan, @EvTynan

"Catch and Release." -- Andrew Hazard, @ahazard

"Fish Fry at 7:05" -- Jason Huggins, @hugdog18

"Trust us, it has worked before." -- James Vaughn, @bubbav2488

"Come see your favorite visiting team win." -- D.M. Cox II, @rookiedmc

"If you build it, they will come -- and go!" -- Shawn, @smlapp

"Come and see the Miami MAAArlins." -- Michael Testa, @STLMetsFan5

"Raise Taxes, Cut Spending." -- Blake Woodward, @bwoodward1291

"Miami Baseball: Choose Your Own Section!" -- @TheCrankyFan

"2013 Miami Marlins: If we play well, something's fishy." -- Mike Cole, @heyguyMIKECOLE

"Come watch us, just for the halibut." Chris Campbell, @soupssoups

"2013 Marlins Baseball: Don't Miss The ContrACTION." -- Rusty Forsyth, @rustyforsyth

"Marlins: All In...Toronto." -- @Aztechson