'Whisker Wars' stars rate athlete beards

Whose beard is best? The stars of IFC's reality show grade the best in athlete facial hair. ESPN.com Illustration

To celebrate tonight’s premiere of the second season of “Whisker Wars” (10 p.m., IFC), we enlisted three of the reality show’s “Whisker Warriors” to evaluate the best (and worst) in athlete facial hair, from Becks to Bron Bron.

Pass or barely pass, our esteemed judges give all of these hirsute jocks an “A” for effort.

“Giving them a failing grade is out of the question because heck, at least they have beards,” says Alex LaRoche. “We need these role models to help encourage all men to grow facial hair.”

Meet the “Whisker Wars” judges below, and then check out their assessments of athlete facial follicles in our gallery.

'Whisker Wars' rates athlete beardsPhoto Gallery

Name: Alex LaRoche

Affiliation: Austin Facial Hair Club (Tex.)

Honors: America’s best Freestyle competitor

Quotable: “If Michael Phelps had a full beard and hairy back and still won all of those medals, how cool would that be?”

Name: Jack Passion

Affiliation: Beard Team USA (Calif.)

Honors: Two-time world champion, Full Beard National

Storyline: Loss at the 2011 World Championships in Norway has the former champ facing an uncertain future.

Name: Miletus Callahan-Barile

Affiliation: Austin Facial Hair Club (Tex.)

Honors: Winner, Partial Beard, 2011 Alaskan Championship

Favorite sports: Sumo, rugby and jai alai

'Whisker Wars' rates athlete beardsPhoto Gallery