Gallo: How people searched for top athletes

Bing users searched for Peyton Manning more than any athlete this year, edging out Tiger Woods. AP Photo/Greg Trott

Search engine Bing has released its list of the most searched athletes of 2012. It seems a little early to release the list, considering December is reportedly a month that hasn’t happened yet and we have many JOHNNY FOOTBALL MANZIEL GREATEST and OMG RG3 searches to come.

But alas, the list is out anyway.

Bing informs us that last year’s No. 1 was Maria Sharapova. This year’s No. 1 is Peyton Manning. One thing the Bing folks don’t tell us is what exactly people were searching for each athlete. But we can make educated guesses.

1. Peyton Manning

“Why does Peyton Manning’s forehead turn purple during games now?"

“Peyton Manning (and, no, I don’t care about his Super Bowl-winning brother Eli Manning)”

“People are searching for Peyton Manning more than Maria Sharapova now? + What’s wrong with America?”

2. Tiger Woods

“Tiger Woods in the hunt”

“Tiger Woods falling back”

“Tiger Woods lost again, huh?”

3. Tim Tebow

“Why does everyone love Tim Tebow?”

“Why does everyone hate Tim Tebow?”

“How is Mark Sanchez still starting ahead of Tim Tebow?”

4. Maria Sharapova

“Maria Sharapova + shrieking”

“Maria Sharapova (although I will also gladly accept results for Anna Kournikova)”

“Are there people who think Maria Sharapova is less attractive than Peyton Manning?”

5. Kobe Bryant

“Best Kobe Bryant passes”

“Is Kobe Bryant immortal?”

“Kobe Bryant compared to Michael Jordan and LeBron and… wait! No! Nevermind! I don’t care. We can enjoy them all in their own way. Please, I don’t care to hear this debate again. It’s exhausting.”

6. Serena Williams

“Serena Williams + tennis”

“Serena Williams + fashion”

“Serena Williams + threatening to kill people”

7. Lamar Odom

“Lamar Odom + reality show”

“Lamar Odom + Khloe Kardashian”

“Did Lamar Odom ever play basketball?”

8. LeBron James

“LeBron James choker”

“OK, but LeBron James hasn’t won as many title as Michael Jordan”

“Ah, jeez, we’re doing the LeBron James, Michael Jordan thing again, aren’t we?”

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

“I live in Europe so I’m searching for Cristiano Ronaldo, not Peyton Manning”

“How much longer until Cristiano Ronaldo’s skills are diminished enough to accept a big MLS contract?”

“Cristiano Ronaldo prettier than Maria Sharapova?”

10. Terrell Owens

“Why am I searching for Terrell Owens?”

“Terrell Owens + Is it still 2007?”

“Terrell Owens + Plaxico Burress + Pittsburgh Steelers + Super Bowl”