'Johnny Football' haircut buzzing in Texas

Christian Chavez still had his "Johnny Football" haircut on Monday, and he was back at school in Kerrville, Texas, the hometown of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy finalist Johnny Manziel.

Barber Rob "The Original" Ferrel of San Antonio, Texas, crafted an image of Manziel, along with the words "Johnny Football" and the Texas A&M logo, into Chavez's mane last week and has enjoyed plenty of notoriety since the video of the hairstyle was posted on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Chavez, 17, was sent home from Hill Country High School on Thursday after being told he violated the school's dress code.

Chavez returned to class on Friday and said he plans to have his hair returned to normal on Tuesday. As long as he keeps the haircut, Chavez will be taught in a separate room so as not to distract the learning of his fellow students.

"I was just isolated from everyone else," Chavez told Playbook on Monday.

Chavez once shared a practice field with Manziel as a freshman and sophomore JV player at Tivy High School, Manziel's alma mater.

The video that started all this was shot Wednesday at Ferrel's barbershop and posted Thursday by DJ Christian Rios of Dreamonoid Productions. It has received more than 91,000 views. Ferrel created an MVP portrait of Spurs point guard Tony Parker last spring during the NBA playoffs, and Rios' video of that trim received more than 71,000 YouTube views.

His Steve Jobs cut isn't too shabby, either.

Ferrel hasn't done any more "Johnny Football" cuts (which take about two hours to complete, include makeup and highlight coloring, and cost around $100) since he crafted this image for Chavez, but he has gotten plenty of regular business because of the cut, Rios' video and news about Chavez. Ferrel said Monday he might design a special Heisman cut if Manziel wins and already has several volunteers willing to model any future Manziel-inspired hairdos.

Fellow "Rob The Original" barber Sal Ybarra, who used to cut hair for many athletes in Kerrville before he moved to San Antonio, helped connect Chavez with Ferrel. "Pretty much the whole town started knowing about him his sophomore year," Ybarra said of Manziel. "The crowds were huge in the home games."

Chavez, Ferrel and Ybarra all agree that Manziel should, and will, win the Heisman.

"No doubt, he's going to win it," Ybarra said. "They're saying a freshman can't win the Heisman, but that's going to change this year."

"He should win it because he's setting all those records as a freshman," Ferrel said.

"I think he's going to win the Heisman," Chavez added. "He's what everyone wants."

Except perhaps in a haircut.