Uni Watch's take on the Brooklyn Nets logo

Well, you certainly can't say they overdesigned it, right?

On some level, it's sort of impressive that something as simple as the new Brooklyn Nets logo could make it through the design process in today's sports world. No flashy colors, no snazzy typography, no beveling or gradients or other design bells and whistles. Not even a cartoon character -- just the facts. It's the Joe Friday of logos.

The thing is, Joe Friday was kind of a dull guy, and this logo is snoozeville. Couldn't they at least have made the "B" a bit thicker or bolder? It's so plain. Although it's gutsy to stick with just black and white as your color scheme, a hint of gray detailing might have gone a long way.

The whole thing looks more like an Old Navy knockoff than an NBA logo. I'm usually a "less is more" guy, but in this case less feels like less.