Photos, captions from Stanley Cup playoffs

Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby exchange pleasantries during Sunday's game in Philadelphia. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

"Get lost or I'll send Shea Weber after you."

"Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, but perhaps you of all people should realize that slamming someone's head off the ice can cause fairly serious injury."

"Well, thanks for asking. I would probably recommend Pat's over Geno's. But those are more touristy places. Your best bet might be Tony Luke's."

"Come on over and celebrate! Let's enjoy this because you know we'll give up a goal in about 10 seconds."

"What luck! My daughter has been wanting a stuffed penguin with a noose around its neck."

"We need to improve in almost every area, but I thought today was our best game as far as losing complete control of ourselves."

"I'm getting too old for this #@%$."

"Being regurgitated in the NHL playoffs. It's every young hockey player's dream."

"If any of these turn out to be real, I am immediately asking for a huge raise."

"I don't know, Sharon. It looks neat. But all the fire might make the Canucks think they're at home."

"Just because it's your lucky T-shirt, son, doesn't mean I can't wear it."

"Oh, cool. I can't believe I'm sitting near the coach of the Lakers."

"You know, in a way I feel kind of responsible that the city of Vancouver is going to be torn to pieces."