Dwight Howard makes our end-of-year list

End-of-year lists and rankings are a popular way to recap the year that was. Best photos, best players, best teams, best quotes, best plays. Yet they are all pretty standard. Every year we get the same lists.

Here are 15 end-of-year sports lists and rankings you won’t see anywhere else:

Charlotte Bobcats' Largest Seven 2012 Victory Margins

1. 16 (twice)

2. 12 (Warriors, Jan. 14)

3. 8 (Knicks, Jan. 4)

4. 7 (Raptors, Feb. 17)

5. 4 (three times)

6. 2 (three times)

7. 1 (twice)

Six Terms Used in Reference to LeBron James That Declined Dramatically in 2012

6. Worst

5. Failure

4. Embarrassment

3. Selfish

2. Choker

1. Loser

2012 Houston Astros' Five Most Popular Losing Streaks

1. 1-game losing streak (13 times)

2. 2-game losing streak (8 times)

3. 3-game losing streak (5 times)

4. 4-game losing streak (4 times)

5t. 5-game losing streak (1 times)

5t. 6-game losing streak (1 time)

5t. 7-game losing streak (1 time)

5t. 8-game losing streak (1 time)

5t. 9-game losing streak (1 time)

5t. 12-game losing streak (1 time)

Five Worst Descriptions of the Five Best Sports Photos of the Year

5. It’s a snowboarder, like, really high up in the air, but it probably has a lot to do with the angle.

4. The guy looks like he just won something and he’s all “Wooooo!”

3. Everyone is just running, and the one guy is way ahead.

2. It’s a bunch of guys playing football, and one of them has the ball and he’s trying to jump or something.

1. There’s all kinds of … well, you should probably just see it.

Most Frequent Dwight Howard Free Throw Outcomes

2. Make

1. Miss

Five Best Canceled NHL Games of the Year

5. Maple Leafs at Canucks (Dec. 15)

4. Kings at Ducks (Nov. 18)

3. Rangers at Bruins (Nov. 23)

2. Penguins at Flyers (Oct. 18)

1. Coyotes at Kings (Oct. 27)

The Eight Kansas City Chiefs Receiving Touchdowns of 2012, Ranked by Distance

1. Dwayne Bowe -- 33 yards

2. Dwayne Bowe -- 29 yards

3. Kevin Boss -- 22 yards

4. Jamaal Charles -- 13 yards

5. Dexter McCluster -- 10 yards

6. Jonathan Baldwin -- 3 yards

7. Dwayne Bowe -- 2 yards

8. Tony Moeaki -- 1 yard

The Five Worst Descriptions of the Five Best Plays of the Year

5. He has the ball and it’s just all, you know, run, run, run, touchdown.

4. So everybody thinks it’s over and then all of a sudden ... the other team is winning.

3. I don’t think I saw the whole clip, but at one point someone gets jumped over, I think.

2. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

1. I don’t remember much. It just happens all so fast.

The Three Best Televised New Jersey Football Teams, Relative to Competition

3. New York Jets

2. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

1. New York Giants

2012 Best Sports Movies

1. "Chasing Mavericks"

2012 Worst Sports Movies

1. "Chasing Mavericks"

2012’s Sports Movies if You Don’t Consider Surfing a Real Sport


Eight Worst Sports Quotes of the Year

8. “Nope.”

7. “Possibly.”

6. “I don’t know.”

5. “No.”

4. “Yes.”

3. “Uh-huh.”

2. [shrugs]

1. “No comment.”

Best Referees

2. Replacement referees

1. Regular referees

Five Greatest Active or Semi-Active Sports Commissioners

5. Gary Bettman

4. Roger Goodell

3. David Stern

2. Bud Selig

1. Paul Tagliabue