What's the deal with new Dolphins logo?

Fans love talking about new logos, especially if their teams aren't within sniffing distance of the playoffs. So as the Dolphins prepare to wrap up yet another lost season, Fins fans have been all aflutter about a potential new logo that has been circulating.

Here's the deal: The Dolphins are definitely getting a new logo for 2013, that much has been on the record for months now. But nobody had an inkling of what the new design would look like until Sunday, when a fan site called DolFansNYC posted a fuzzy rendering and said it might be the new logo.

Interest in the new design has snowballed since then, helped along by the following developments:

Monday: Dolphins CEO Mike Dee sent out a cryptic tweet about the logo, promising to provide more details soon.

Wednesday morning: Uni Watch reader Preston Feiler cleaned up the fuzzy image that was posted on the DolFansNYC site and sent the clean version to me. I posted it to Twitter, where i was quickly retweeted nearly 200 times and began spreading around the Internet.

Wednesday night: Mike Dee, clearly pleased that fans were discussing something other than his team's mediocre record, weighs in again on Twitter, basically saying nothing of value. ProFootballTalk responded with one of history's least helpful headlines.

Thursday: Another Uni Watch reader, Jon Siechert, used Photoshop to show how the new design might look on a helmet.

And so on. But all the questions about whether the logo is legit have obscured a larger issue: Is it any good? Let's compare the new and old logos side by side (click to enlarge):

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 6.34.49 PM.png

Some fans might prefer how the old dolphin wears a helmet, while others might go for the more stylized look of the new dolphin. Frankly, I think they both look good.

But there's a major flaw in the new design: the sunburst. The helmet-clad dolphin is breaching (that's the fancy dolphin term for jumping out of the water), so it makes sense to have a sunburst because he's in the air, surrounded by the Florida sun. But the new dolphin is clearly swimming under the water's surface. You can't have a sunburst underwater, guys! On this basis alone, the new logo -- if that's what it turns out to be -- fails.