Oregon's latest uni surprise offers contrast

Kansas State's Fiesta Bowl uniforms are quite simple, while Oregon's ... are not. Fiesta Bowl

Imagine you're a Kansas State player. You went 11-1 during the regular season -- that's cool. You're getting ready to play against Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl -- that's even cooler. And then you see one of your jerseys and an Oregon jersey side by side.

Now you don't feel so cool.

And Oregon has a special twist in store for this game: The feathers and numbers on the jerseys are made from a fabric that will shift colors depending on the angle of the light. We've seen this before for helmets (in the NFL, for example, the Jacksonville Jaguars' helmet color-shifts from teal to black as the light hits it), but never for a jersey. Intriguing!

And if the K-State players aren't completely psyched out by Oregon's jerseys, then the Ducks' helmets will probably finish the job. That's apparently already the case for K-State defensive back Carl Miles, whose eyes practically bugged out of his head when he got a close-up look at an Oregon helmet earlier this week.

Meanwhile, give Oregon credit for one thing: It successfully found a way to camouflage those big, ugly sponsor patches that all the teams have to wear during bowl games. The Ducks' "feathers" form such a dense pattern that the patch practically disappears.