MLB issuing yet another hat, for interviews

MLB already has game caps, batting practice caps, earflap caps for cold weather, camouflage caps, Stars-and-stripes caps, caps with special patches for the All-Star Game and World Series, caps that the players wear after winning a playoff spot or a postseason series, and on and on.

But MLB has never had an interview cap -- until now.

So far only the Mets' design has been leaked, but every team supposedly will have one of these. The design was first posted by the blog Mets Bro, which says the cap will be optional for interview sessions and off-field appearances.

The NHL also has interview caps. But of course, most of their players don't already wear caps to begin with, while MLB players do. The idea of telling a grown man to switch from one cap to another just because a reporter is asking him questions seems like a bit much.

But hey, as long as MLB is so into functional specificity, why stop at the interview cap? Here are a few suggestions for ways to expand MLB's headwear product line:

• The "arriving at the stadium" cap.

• The "getting on the team bus" cap.

• The "returning to the team hotel after curfew" cap (which would surely make it easier to identify curfew violators).

• The rain delay cap.

• The national anthem cap.

• The "hey, let's have a beer in the clubhouse while everyone else is watching the game" cap (special bulk discount for the Red Sox).

Are we missing anything? Post your suggestions in the comments. Because if there's anything MLB needs, it's more caps.