Your intracity fighting words

Sports fans love a good rivalry. Team versus team. City versus city. Athlete versus athlete. Blood feuds sustain us.

But what if we stopped limiting rivalries to teams in other cities and opened up the disdain to teams within individual cities. On Tuesday we saw an example of this amazing untapped resource of sports hatred when the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars got in a Twitter feud.

It’s time other teams followed suit, dropped the gentleman’s agreement of polite intracity support and cooperation, and let the Twitter hate flow.



Speaking of no one cares … the NHL is back!


@Pirates Maybe you should spend less time making fun of hockey and more time trying to break .500. #1992


Ha! Tell 'em, @pghpenguins!


Who are you to talk, @steelers? #8and8 #FootballPirates



Speaking of things that don’t matter … the NHL is back!


Speaking of things that don’t matter … @Buckeye_Nation’s 2012 football season!


@BlueJacketsNHL You’ll be lucky if you win 12 games this year.


@Buckeye_Nation Maybe. Too bad we can’t afford to pay our players what you do.



The @MiamiHEAT look like garbage lately. Losers of four of seven.


@Marlins How is it that you have nearly 70,000 Twitter followers, yet can’t get seven people at your games?



Have you seen this Rex Ryan Sanchez tattoo? What a buffoon that guy is.


@Yankees What’s worse: being stuck with an embarrassing $200 tattoo or embarrassing $275 million third baseman?



Attention fans: Our next home game is Friday against the Thunder.


Attention @Lakers fans: If you want to see a local team win a game at the Staples Center, our next home game is Saturday against the Magic.



So excited the lockout is over!


@MapleLeafs Now your fans can switch from the depression of no hockey to the depression of watching you play.


@Raptors Because you’re so successful.


@MapleLeafs Nope. But at least we’re not crapping all over Canada’s heritage every time we play a game.



Looks like the @Redskins would have been better off if they took a cautious approach with RGIII like we did with Strasburg.


Thanks, @Nationals. But we’ll ask you for medical advice only if we have questions about choking.


@Redskins Ouch. But we’ll all know @washcaps is the true expert around here on choking.


@Nationals @Redskins @washcaps We would give anything to be called chokers if that meant we at least made the playoffs.