The book on Linsanity: Too many books

Jeremy Lin is single-handedly saving the publishing industry with a boom of books on his rise. Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

How’s your summer reading list shaping up? Because you’re in luck if the subject of Jeremy Lin sounds inviting. Or “Linviting,” if you enjoy Lin pun titles as much as some authors.

A recent scan of Amazon shows there are 35 paperbacks, nine hardcovers and 29 Kindle eBooks about the one-time Knicks sensation.

Amare Stoudemire, if you can get someone to turn the pages for you while you rest your hand, we fully expect you to knock off at least 45 of these.

What made so many authors rush to their keyboards? Maybe they found motivational success in the title “Win Like Lin: Finding Your Inner Linsanity on the Way to Breakout Success” by Sean Deveney.

If we were in the publishing game, our fresh angle would be to market a “Mad Libs” version of what Lin’s NBA future will look like. Any 6-year-old can fill in the blanks:

“Jeremy Lin’s [ADJECTIVE] rise continued after the Knicks traded him to [TEAM NAME] in exchange for [OVERPAID PLAYER’S NAME]. His status as a celebrity endorser [VERB]ed thanks to the Super Bowl commercial he starred in for [PRODUCT] that co-starred [KARDASHIAN SISTER]. Although Lin’s knee healed, he did miss most of [MONTH] when he tweaked his [BODY PART]. He used that time away from the game to write a quickie memoir titled [LINSANITY PUN]: [INSPIRATIONAL PHRASE]. When he came back to the court, opponents had no answer to Lin’s [IMPROBABLE NEW ANGLE TO HIS GAME]. Lin and his teammates eventually were bounced from the playoffs in the [NUMBER] round, but fans knew that his future was guaranteed to be [SYNONYM FOR OVER-ANALYZED].”