Uni Watch's early Super Bowl XLVII notes

With the Falcons eliminated, the Ravens will remain the only bird mascot to ever win a Super Bowl. Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Super Bowl teams are set, and so are the jerseys. The NFC is the designated home team this year, so the 49ers will be wearing their red jerseys, and the Ravens will wear white (presumably paired with their black pants, although they haven't officially announced that yet).

I'll have an in-depth look at the Super Bowl uniform matchup when we get closer to the big game. For now, though, Uni Watch reader Jay Braiman has crunched some numbers for some preliminary Super Bowl uniform trivia:

• The Ravens wore white jerseys and white pants in Super Bowl XXXV. If they wear black pants this time around (which they probably will, since that's what they wore for their playoff victories over the Broncos and Patriots), they will be the first team to wear the same jersey with different pants in consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

• This will be the fifth time that both Super Bowl teams have had the initial(s) of their home cities on their helmet logos. The Ravens and 49ers were involved in three of the other four examples (49ers and Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX; 49ers and Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV; Ravens and Giants in Super Bowl XXXV). The other instance was Packers-Chiefs in Super Bowl I.

• Win or lose, the Ravens already have a unique distinction: They're the only NFL team whose nickname is a bird to win the Super Bowl. The other bird teams (Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, Seahawks) are a combined 0-5.