Mag Minute: Levi LaVallee, snowmobiler

Minnesota native Levi LaVallee could become the first to medal in four events at a single X Games. AP Photo/Nathan Bilow

Snowmobiler Levi LaVallee is back at X Games Aspen after missing the past two X Games because of injuries. A favorite in the Freestyle and Speed & Style events, the Minnesota native is also the only athlete competing in four disciplines and could become the first athlete to medal in four events at a single X Games.

Since he started competing in 2004, LaVallee has accumulated four X Games golds (each in a different event), two silvers and one bronze medal.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

People see that I’m a big goofball, which I am, so they don’t think I work at it and focus, but I do. I really break things down as far as tricks and races go.

Who would you say is the most media-savvy athlete?

Shaun White. He’s got a good attitude and always seems like he’s having fun. Plus, he’s really good.

Which pro athlete would you never want to trade places with?

I want to say a bowler because it seems like an odd sport. But then again, they don’t have to worry about injuries.

If you could go to dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? And where would you go?

Johnny Cash. I’m on a big Johnny Cash kick right now. We’d go to some hole-in-the-wall place.

What is one thing you always have with you?

When I race, I have my lucky coin, which my father gave me, and my lucky shirt. But there’s not much left of the shirt now, so it’s actually wrapped around the coin. I keep them in my coat.

What is the most embarrassing music on your iPod?

There’s some Hannah Montana. Or, what’s her name? Miley Cyrus.

What was your most unrealistic New Year’s resolution?

Probably to not get hurt.

What is the best advice you ever received?

"Make the best of what you have." My dad told me that when I was growing up. Other teams might have more money or resources, but he’d say that if you work with what you have, it’ll feel that much better when you beat them.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Get up, wakeboard, go dirt biking, ride my snowmobile in the afternoon. That’s a pretty full day.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Food. I like food. Chips and salsa get me every time.

What game show would you like to be a contestant on?

"Supermarket Sweep." I don’t know if that’s still on, but I used to love that back in the day.

What place in the world do you most want to visit?


What movie have you seen more than any other?

"Rambo." I watched it every day when I was a kid. And I wore camo pants every day.