Brewers release their sixth (!) official jersey

The Milwaukee Brewers are adding this gold alternate jersey to their wardrobe. Courtey of Milwaukee Brewers

Most MLB teams these days are getting back to basics with their uniform programs, but don't tell that to the Milwaukee Brewers. The team has just announced yet another alternate jersey, in pale gold.

For those keeping score at home, that means the Brewers now have six jerseys in their official wardrobe, as follows:

Home white

Road gray

Home navy alternate

Road navy alternate

Home throwback alternate

• And the new gold alternate

And that's just the Brew Crew's basic uni set. They also tend to trot out a few special-occasion designs each year, like their Spanish, German, and Italian jerseys. Toss in a Negro Leagues throwback and the Brewers could easily be wearing 10 different uniforms this season. So much for uniformity.