Vote Jose Canseco into MLB All-Star Game?

It's our duty as fans to vote Yuma Scorpions legend Jose Canseco into the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. Craig Fry/Yuma Sun

Yes, Jose Canseco wants us to “do history” and vote him into the MLB All-Star Game.

Ha-ha-ha. What a dummy. Jose Canseco is so stupid. You can’t vote people who aren’t even in baseball into the All-Star Game! What the @&%# are you thinking?

Just take a look at the official MLB All-Star Game ballot, click the “About the ballot” tab at the top to read the official rules which surely state very clearly that only current major league players can be cast as write-in votes to the All-Star Game and … I don’t see it.

So, just give me a minute here to read through the rules again and … I still don’t see it.

Oh, my. Is Joe Canseco accidentally a genius again? Could millions of “Haters and Cansecomaniacs” put a 47-year-old man who hasn’t played in the major leagues since 2001 into the All-Star Game?

Who knows. It could happen. Although once word of this possible loophole gets out, the haters and Cansecomaniacs will have their votes dwarfed by those with far greater fan bases.

“Batting third and playing shortstop, from the Toronto Blue Jays, Justin Bieber!”