Should Chris Bosh play after birth of child?

Chris Bosh is facing a difficult decision on whether to go to work after the birth of his son. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Congratulations, Chris Bosh, on the birth of your child! It is one of life's truly great moments and one that completely dwarfs the importance of any basketball game.

Of course, millions of people around the world would give anything to play in just one NBA game, let alone a playoff game.

Forty years from now, will you look back and wish you had missed the first day of your son's life in order to play in Game 3 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs? Not a chance! Although, if you fail to win an NBA title and this game is the turning point, you may look back and think, "What if I had played?" That regret could haunt you.

A child is a gift. You are the only father your son has. You should be with him right now. Your team has 11 other players. Let them do their jobs for one night without you.

Granted, those 11 other players are counting on you to be there every night, fighting together on the court for the common goal of winning a championship. They depend on you as a team leader.

You worked hard every day of your life to get where you are today. What you have achieved in your career shouldn't mean you aren't allowed to enjoy a special life moment. How backward is that thinking?

Heat fans, on the other hand, invest a lot of time and money into rooting for this team and don't care about something happening to you that has already happened to billions of other people. Oooh! A baby! How unique!

At the end of the day, no matter how rich and famous you are, you're just like any other man at this life-changing moment. You shouldn't have to be at work today any more than some new dad with any other job.

At the same time, you are not remotely similar to a regular guy, in that you make $16 million per year -- not counting endorsements -- to do your job on television in front of millions of people worldwide. There are certain responsibilities that come with that and to pretend there aren't is just a lie.

Hope you make the right decision!