Bobsledder makes you look like a real luger

Nic Taylor and Elana Meyers got engaged during a medal ceremony in St. Moritz, Switzerland. AP Photo/Keystone/Karl Mathis

OK, fans. It’s Valentine’s Day and the pressure is on to come up with something special and romantic for that special someone in your life.

And if you need inspiration, check out what bobsledder Nic Taylor did last month. Just don’t let your significant other read this, or you might be expected to meet the challenge.

Taylor and fellow bobsledder Elana Meyers had been dating for some time and had begun discussing marriage. "He was planning to propose to me and he wanted to find the perfect venue, the perfect everything," Meyers said.

He chose well. The U.S. bobsled team was at the world championships in St. Moritz the last weekend of January. Meyers drove her sled to a silver medal, finishing just behind Canada’s Kallie Humphries. After the Canadian national anthem played during the medal presentation, out walked Taylor, who got down on his knee in front of Meyers and asked her to marry him right there on the podium.

"It was pretty incredible," Meyers said. "It was picturesque with St. Moritz and the mountains in the background, and me with my medal, and he’s down on one knee.

"The crowd was pretty awesome. I think it’s pretty cool for me because it’s girlie stuff and I’m big into engagements and weddings and I’ve got pictures and video of everything. It was a pretty incredible day."

So incredible, in fact, that Meyers says it tops winning an Olympic bronze medal in 2010 as the greatest day of her life.

Obviously, Taylor was fairly confident he would get an affirmative response. However, Meyers says that U.S. bobsled CEO Darrin Steele warned him, "Man, if she doesn’t win this medal you might not want to do it, you might not want to ask her, she might be pissed off.' But I would have said yes regardless of the finish. But it did help that I got a medal."

Meyers and Taylor are currently competing in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia at a test event for what will be the bobsled venue for next year’s Sochi Olympics. The two haven’t set a wedding date yet but Meyers said they plan to have a "quasi-ceremony" with the team when there is a break in competition. "It won’t be a wedding but it will be set up like a wedding," she said. "It will be wedding-esque."

OK, so not everyone has a partner winning a world championship medal. Still, after reading the above example, you might want to plan something a little more elaborate for Valentine’s Day than a microbrew and garlic fries while watching the game at the local sports bar. Even if you don’t have a ring to offer, you can at least say, "You’re my world champion."