25 things you may overhear at NFL combine

1. Indianapolis in February. Sometimes this job just spoils us.

2. I bet these guys got really good grades in gym class.

3. Just make sure none of the linemen take their shirts off until after we eat lunch. Terrence Cody ruined my appetite for months back in 2010.

4. That guy is really inconsistent. He could quarterback a team to a Super Bowl one day.

5. I heard the Raiders really want to draft him. So, yeah. Major red flags there.

6. That guy is pretty short. What do you say we all say he could be “the next Russell Wilson”?

7. “Whoa. There’s Matt Barkley!” … is what I would have said a year ago.

8. His stock is plummeting because he’s doing so poorly here, but his agent did point out that he has the fastest vertical jump time.

9. Jeff Ireland says he has some serious questions about that kid’s mom.

10. This is great. At Gold’s Gym when I stare at dudes for hours while they’re working out, they ask me to leave.

11. The kickers are about to bench. Careers are in the balance.

12. His shuttle run time suggests he could be elite.

13. Hey, knock it off. I know you’re new here, but it’s not considered professional to heckle Big Ten players during the 40.

14. Yep. Got it for Christmas. Top-of-the-line stopwatch. Times out to the thousandth of a second. Pretty sweet, huh?

15. Sorry, I’m late to the conversation. Are you guys talking about the athletic guy with the muscles?

16. My general rule of thumb: Every tenth of a second below a 5.0 in the 40 cancels out one felony.

17. Whoa. That vertical leap means he can definitely do celebratory dunks over the crossbar. Now I guess I just have to watch some game film to see if he’s good enough at football to score any touchdowns.

18. I typed 93 words per minute at the 1983 Sportswriters Combine. Yep. Opened a lot of eyes.

19. I finally decided on my rap name: 3 Conez.

20. There aren’t any great quarterbacks in this class, but Tom Brady was a sixth-rounder. So should I take a quarterback we have rated as a sixth-rounder in the first round? This is so confusing.

21. To be honest, I mainly come here to scout out players for my fantasy keeper team.

22. I heard Johnny Manziel will be here for an independent study class on the NFL combine.

23. Do you guys ever wonder if this is blown out of proportion a little bit?

24. Based on the turnout here, I guess some people still want to play professional football despite all the concussion news. Huh.

25. Have you heard any good Manti Te’o jokes?