Sneak peak at MLB Home Run Derby design

The Home Run Derby uniforms should have a New York Mets orange-and-blue design. @metfanvin

The Mets will be hosting this season's MLB All-Star Game, which means the BP caps and jerseys worn for the annual Home Run Derby will have a Mets-themed design. The caps and jerseys won't be officially unveiled for at least another month and a half, but we may be getting a sneak peek at the designs now, thanks to a video game leak. Here, take a look.

Those screen shots from “MLB13 The Show” were uploaded to Twitter on Monday by Vin Ciavatta and then posted by the blog the Mets Police. Although there's no guarantee that the actual gear will look exactly the same as the screen shots, video game leaks have proven to be fairly accurate forecasts of the real deal.

Assuming these designs are legit, here are some thoughts:

• Everything is in Mets colors -- blue and orange. No black, thankfully.

• The typeface on the jerseys is based on the Mets' road jersey insignia. But the lettering on the Mets' jersey is all the same size, without the initial cap that's being used on the All-Star Game designs.

• Those side panels on the jerseys are just brutal. The jerseys would look so much better without them.

• The caps continue MLB's current trend of using a contrast-colored front panel. Looks a little goofy, but the whole idea of All-Star Game BP caps is goofy, so why not? And the "A" and "N" designations superimposed on the Mets' skyline logo look pretty sharp.

What do you think?