Miami Dolphins logo leak appears to be real

The new Miami Dolphins logo that was leaked in a photo last week appears to be the real deal -- and there's additional uni-related Dolphins news that had been kept under wraps until now.

For starters, the new Dolphins logo shown in last week's widely circulated photo leak actually showed up on NFL.com, but has since changed. Take a look at the Dolphins entry in the left margin of this "Predict the Draft Pick" page: that's the new logo!

In addition, several media outlets are now confirming, via their own confidential sources, that last week's photo leak is legitimate. One of those outlets is the Miami Herald, which provided a new tidbit of information today: The Dolphins' facemasks are changing from aqua to white. Can't say I'm in love with this move. A white mask on a white helmet shell is going to look, well, extremely white. The aqua provided a nice touch of contrast.

One other bit of NFL uni news from yesterday: The Giants are adding a set of white alternate pants. No visuals yet, but look for something to be unveiled in time for next month's NFL draft.