Phil Jackson instantly the king of Twitter

In a season with no Derrick Rose and no reasonable hope for a championship, the Chicago Bulls have had few occasions for rejoicing.

But on March 27, 2013, the atmosphere in the Windy City was beyond electric, as the team and the fans celebrated what will go down as one of the most memorable days in the franchise’s storied history.

While the Bulls notched a forgettable win against an unimpressive opponent -- the Raptors, maybe? -- the moment that will forever echo in the hearts of fans was when, at 2:52 p.m., beloved former coach Phil Jackson sent out his first tweet:

Sure, he guided the team to six champ;ipnsikp[s in the '90s, but no number of champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs can compare to the wonder and majesty of that tweet.

The Zen Master’s arrival to Twitter was heralded by fiancée Jeanie Buss, whose avatar is a photo of her lying topless with strategically placed basketballs -- a very normal and sane choice for the vice president of business operations of a professional basketball franchise.

Jackson’s avatar is the cover of his upcoming book, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success,” which, if anything like his tweet, will make for an uncontested stroll to the Pulitzer.

In less than a day, Jackson has already accumulated more than 100,000 followers and has been welcomed to the social networking platform by a number of former players, including Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, the latter of whom was probably out getting fro-yo with Robert Mugabe at the time.

For now, Jackson has still only blessed us with that lone, extraordinary tweet, but as a man who’s renowned for dispensing wisdom, we can only assume that he’ll continue to grace us with enlightenment.

Even if this ends up being some sort of publicity stunt -- “Gotcha! I was tweeting with 11 clunky rings on my hands!” -- there’s still no way we could be disappointed by tweets of this caliber.

So keep ‘em coming, Mr. Jack;sikp.