Hooray! DJ Gallo's NBA playoff captions!

Don't let a case of the Mondays get you down. DJ Gallo's NBA playoff captions are sure to cheer you up. AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Uh-oh. Five minutes until tip-off and I can’t remember how to get out of this thing.

Dear Dwight, I hope this finds you not well.

Whoa. That’s way cooler than my Dukes of Hazzard car. I need to get one of those.

I figured white pants before Memorial Day AND a purse kind of cancel each other out. Two wrongs make a right or whatever, you know?

I wish Donald Sterling didn’t make me works as his secretary, but it’s the only way to keep my job.

Hey, if Luxembourg is a nation, we can be one, too.

Like how we look? Just think, we couldn’t even make the Laker Girls.

Just let go and I’ll do an awesome dunk!

Hey, it’s better than LeBron’s.

This is the name of your team!

Everyone! Look at me!”

I wonder what move Deron Williams would make right now.

Just because I’m not flexible doesn’t mean I’m not a great athlete.

Aaaaahhhhhh! Brian, stop stepping on my foot!

I guess he’s wearing his wife’s shoes while she’s still at the hospital.

Did LeBron do this to you? I bet it’s his fault.

We lost a playoff game to the New York Knicks. Maybe I really am a failure.

This is a rag, right? I’ve heard about these.

I support Ron Paul!

What if I touch here. Does it fake hurt there, too?

Now don’t leave the best player on this team hanging. Give me five.