Will Nebraska football adopt adidas stripes?

You have to hand it to adidas.

When the sportswear company came out with the Fruit Stripe uniforms in February, everyone scoffed.

But like an NFL offensive coordinator flooding the zone in the hopes of one receiver eventually breaking the coverage and getting free, adidas flooded the world of high-seeded college hoops teams with the Fruit Stripe designs, thinking that one of them might make it to the Final Four. Now one of those schools, Louisville, is playing for the NCAA title.

Fans already are wondering if Louisville, or any of the other schools, will wear the Fruit Stripe uniforms again next season. But now a new question has emerged: Will college football go Fruit Striped?

That's the prospect raised by a photo posted on the Nebraska football team's Facebook page over the weekend. As you can see, the pattern on the wall matches the pattern on the Fruit Stripe uniforms.

Could Nebraska's football team be wearing Fruit Striped pants this fall? And if so, what about the other adidas-outfitted football powerhouses, such as Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin, and all the rest?

Now there's a frightening thought. Stay tuned.