NBA options to follow Spurs' McGrady plan

Stephon Marbury, left, and Tracy McGrady, opponents in China, should rekindle the rivalry in the NBA. ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs signed Tracy McGrady, late of the Qingdao Eagles in the Chinese Basketball Association, to a deal that will keep him on the roster through the end of the playoffs.

With McGrady off the market, what other former NBA veterans should playoff-bound teams look to acquire for a title run? Here are nine great options.

Stephon Marbury – The Spurs signed McGrady off of the strength of him scoring 25 points per game this season in China. Well, Marbury averaged 28 this season. Boston could use a point guard with Rajon Rondo out, Kevin Garnett has a track record with Marbury and what better way to relieve stress during the height of the playoffs than watching a teammate eat Vaseline?

Allen Iverson – Iverson averaged 13.9 points per game just three short seasons ago with the Sixers. Current Sixers point guard -- and 2013 NBA All-Star! -- Jrue Holiday averaged 13.6 points per game this month, including a game in which he shot 2-for-24 from the floor. Iverson could easily still play at that kind of All-Star level. How has he not been signed?

Gilbert Arenas – Worried LeBron has a cakewalk to another NBA title? Not if some team signs one of his peers and biggest rivals! What? Really. Go Google “LeBron Wizards rivalry.” See? Rivals. What could have changed in four years?

Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq is in the best shape of his life. Have you seen his torso in the Icy Hot Patch ads? He is thin and ripped. Shaquille O’Neal in that kind of condition could still average 25 and 10.

Alonzo Mourning – So you think a 43-year-old Alonzo Mourning couldn’t still contribute in the NBA? You don’t think he has the heart or the toughness to pull it off? You don’t think he’s man enough? OK. Go tell him that. Report back on how it went.

Latrell Sprewell – The former Knicks star would be a good get for the Knicks. No one would be more motivated to beat P.J. Carlesimo’s Nets in a possible playoff matchup and, at age 42, Sprewell would fit in well with his Knicks teammates and enjoy their 1970s pop culture references.

Steve Francis – Just like McGrady, Steve Francis once starred for the Rockets and later played in China. Francis is still fairly young, too, at age 36. Someone just needs to contact Francis’ grandfather and see if he knows how to get in touch with Stevie Franchise.

Adam Morrison – He’s got two rings and he’s only 28. You can’t pay enough to get championship experience and youth in a single package.

Michael Jordan – Jordan is the greatest player ever (unless it’s LeBron … DEBATE!), reportedly still has some game -- he beat a Charlotte Bobcat one-one-one! -- and, best of all, has the connections to bring Morrison with him. Do it, Lakers. Make a Jordan/Morrison two-for-one signing and stroll to an NBA title and/or at least continue to get a lot of coverage in the media.