Randy Couture debuts his new cologne

Randy Couture's latest endeavor includes something a little more subtle -- like his own cologne. Eric Williams

This month, former MMA beast Randy Couture showed again his amazing range in life. The same guy who made a pretty good career out of twisting opponents into pretzels in the Octagon now makes sharp business decisions to grow his own personal brand. Like releasing a new cologne, Xtreme Couture, in February.

No, it doesn’t smell of controlled fury but rather elements of other colognes Couture liked to wear, plus dabs of a few other scents that appealed to him. We’re not skilled enough to say something like “it offers essences of sandalwood and vanilla,” but we can confidently say that Xtreme Couture smells pretty good.

Couture told Playbook how he came up with the idea to do it.

How did the whole cologne thing start?

I was first asked about it a while back, in 2007. I was in New York at a men’s fitness social thing. Chuck Liddell was coming out on the cover of a magazine and was supposed to attend the party, but he got a little run down promoting a movie, “300.” He fell asleep during an interview on TV. So I was asked to pick up the trail of the media tour he’d been on, which included a party put on by Men’s Fitness. That’s where someone first approached me about doing a fragrance. That put the seed in the back of my mind.

How come? A fragrance seems like an odd fit for an MMA fighter.

It’s interesting. I certainly didn’t see myself doing something like this, but I never saw my myself acting, either. It’s just another door that opened through years of athletics. That’s how I saw the niche for my clothing line. I was walking down studio walk at the MGM Grand and saw a Juicy Couture shop. Sometimes it takes a brick to the head to make the light bulb go off. I thought a fashion line would be something cool to do.

How involved were you in creating the fragrance?

My business partner knows the ins and outs of the business, and she explained how it works. The process started with her asking me what kinds of things I liked and what colognes I wore at the time. They took ingredients from some of those colognes and came up with 10 samples. I went through the samples and ended up narrowing it down through three trials and came up with the fragrance we have now. It took us about a year to figure it all out.

I’m guessing after all that time and effort you got exactly what you wanted.

I’m excited about it and think it came out great. It encompasses a lot of me, how I see things. The packaging has the same fleur de lis that’s tattooed on my arm, so it’s definitely me.

Where can the rest of us get it?

It’s only been out since February, so we’re working on finding distribution outlets now. But for now, you can order it through the gym and the gym’s website, xtremecoutureacc.com.

Are you working on anything else to extend the Randy Couture brand?

We started the company Round Five four or five years ago, and I was involved at the ground level developing action figures for MMA. We ended up doing business with the UFC. We just signed a license for Bruce Lee action figures. It’s cool to be involved in making action figures of him. My partners knew the industry and wanted an in with the MMA athletes. I was their liaison. I knew everyone competing at the highest level at the time, and I helped them set up meetings. We were able to sign up a bunch of those guys to exclusive contracts for action figures when no one else was doing it.