WWE Power Rankings: Ziggler shows off

John Cena's antics with Ryback were fun, but Dolph Ziggler was the highlight of "Monday Night Raw." Courtesy of WWE

Why is Antonio Cesaro yodeling? Seriously, the man is one of the most gifted grapplers in the entire company. He’s the former U.S. champ who once pendulum-swung The Miz into the barricade like some sort of human church bell. He picked up The Great Khali and dropped him with the most impressive Neutralizer of his WWE career. And his Very European Uppercut routinely draws some of the biggest oohs and aahs from live crowds around the globe.

So again, I have to ask, why is the former U.S. champ dumbing down his act while losing match after match on national TV? Cesaro should be the man in John Cena’s face, or jumping in Dolph Ziggler’s grill (imagine the matches these two could deliver). Instead, he’s losing to R-Truth while heading straight down the sad road to jobberville to live alongside Zack Ryder and the 3MB (I’d rather live in parts unknown than jobberville any day). The man deserves better.

But I have to say, aside from Cesaro’s loss, "Raw" was a pretty awesome show this week. Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho put on a wrestling clinic, while The Shield vs. The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan and Kane was one of my favorite matches of the year so far. Let’s hope Ziggler and The Shield keep up their winning ways, as WWE finally has the talent to light the industry on fire. It’s now up to creative to let them burn as bright as can be.

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