Mag Minute: Landry Jones, NFL prospect

Landry Jones spends a minute with ESPN The Mag. Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports

In four years at Oklahoma, quarterback Landry Jones threw for 16,646 yards and 123 touchdowns while leading Oklahoma to four winning seasons and three bowl victories. The native of Artesia, N.M., surprised many when he decided to return to OU for his senior season, a move that likely led to a drop in his draft stock. Heading into Thursday's NFL draft, Jones is ranked by some analysts among the top five QBs in the 2013 class, and he has been projected to go anywhere from late in the second round to the fifth round.

What is one thing you always have with you?

My wedding ring.

What was the last thing you Googled?

The "Batman" trilogy.

What is the most embarrassing music you have to admit you listen to?

I occasionally listen to some Cyndi Lauper. I like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” And Backstreet Boys, too.

What is the best advice you ever received?

“Don’t eat yellow slow.” I was told that when I was a little kid.

What is the biggest key to your success?

My work ethic. I got that from my dad.

With which pro athlete would you never want to trade places?

Eli Manning. He’s in such a tough place, with a tough audience. And he’s Peyton’s little brother.

If you were a talk show host, which celebrity would you want as your first guest?

Jim Carrey or Will Farrell. I’m a big fan.

If you could go to dinner with one person, dead or alive, whom would it be?

Jesus. He’d create something for us.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Sleep in, read my Bible, go to the beach with my wife, play a round of golf in the afternoon, get dinner at Texas de Brazil, and relax with a movie.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate. No, ice cream. I love ice cream more than chocolate.

What is your most irrational fear?

Snakes. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been afraid of them.

What game show would you like to be a contestant on?

"The Amazing Race" or "Survivor" -- I think I’d do well.

What was the worst purchase you ever made?

A DVD of "The Wicker Man." Luckily, it didn’t cost much.

What was the best vacation you ever took?

Paradise Island in the Bahamas with my cousins and family. We went to the beach, we snorkeled, we gambled. It was great.

What was your best Halloween costume?

My wife and I went as Forrest Gump and Jenny a few years ago.

What was the best gift you ever received?

For a birthday, my wife took me skydiving. That was incredible.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Mila Kunis.

What movie have you seen more than any other?

"Dumb and Dumber."

What is your hidden talent?

I’m really good at iPhone games.

What talent would you like to have?

Singing. I play the guitar, but I can’t sing.

What is your most prized possession?

Probably my Bible.

What is your least favorite chore?

Mowing the lawn. I hate it.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Vanishing or time travel. Or both. Disappearing and going to a different time when I do.