WWE Power Rankings: Ziggler, Shield shine

Dolph Ziggler has all the makings of the next wrestling superstar. Will the WWE let him shine? Courtesy of WWE

Dolph Ziggler combines the technical skill of Mr. Perfect, the athletic electricity of Shawn Michaels and the hip gyrations of “Ravishing” Rick Rude all in one superstar. And with John Cena suffering an injured Achilles during the WWE’s European tour, this might be Ziggler’s chance to not only show off with his World Heavyweight championship, but win the WWE title and unify the belts (it’s not like they separate the brands anymore, anyway).

Think about it. If Cena is out for any prolonged period, and with CM Punk at home nursing his knee, this is WWE’s opportunity to turn Ziggler into the company’s biggest draw. If it was up to me, I’d strip Cena of the belt and send him home to heal, then announce a one-night, eight-man championship tournament, featuring Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Ryback, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus and Randy Orton. The tournament could lead to new feuds, not to mention matchups we’ve never seen, like Lesnar versus Sheamus and Ambrose versus Jericho. Make the finals between Ziggler and Bryan, with Ziggler ultimately winning (even if it’s through some nefarious outside interference, I’m good with that; he’s a heel, after all), and then let Ziggler feud with Bryan, Orton and maybe even Lesnar until Cena comes back.

The more wins Ziggler gets and the more he bounces around the ring doing ridiculous stunts for guys like Lesnar (and maybe even the rumored-to-return Dave Batista), the bigger the star you create, ultimately setting up showdowns with both Punk and Cena when they get healthy.

Not only do fans finally get to see some fresh feuds, but you’re building up a guy who you can trust the brand with when the current top draws such as Cena hang up the dog tags for good.

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