WWE Power Rankings: Triple H stands tall

Triple H provided the highlight of "Monday Night Raw" with a steel-cage beatdown of Brock Lesnar. Courtesy of WWE

It was a terrible episode of "Raw" last night, with only the six-man elimination match between Team Hell No and John Cena versus The Shield and the closing segment featuring Triple H and Brock Lesnar worth praising.

Everything just seemed off about the show, from the camera work to the announcers to the stumbling promos, and it seemed like the crowd was completely dead until Daniel Bryan and The Shield picked up the pace in the elimination match and brought it to its feet.

With Dolph Ziggler out, they were definitely missing the athletic spark that only the “Show Off” can deliver, and it felt like there was a definite lack of star power, especially with the continued absence of CM Punk.

And with Ziggler’s ladder match being canceled at Extreme Rules, it eliminates the bout I was looking forward to the most, replacing it with a number one contender’s match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. I don’t know what’s worse, not having Ziggler on the pay-per-view or knowing that the champ is going to be stuck continuing to feud with one of these two crowd killers instead of moving on to someone like Daniel Bryan or even Brock Lesnar.

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