Cleveland Cavaliers mascot is playing hurt

The determination of Moondog should serve as a hearty inspiration to the entire NBA community. David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images

Hey, NBA season-ticket holders! Are you sick of your favorite stars treating the final days of the regular season like high school senior skip days?

Players claim they're resting up for the playoffs, but fans who pay big bucks for tickets at least want to see them suit up and log a couple minutes on the court. We don’t want to hear that you skipped the charter flight to stay in bed and nurse your quads while you catch up on your Kardashian DVR backlog.

Look at Moondog, the hard-luck mascot of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last week, he got punched in the grille by Pacers forward David West. But despite a hospital trip to treat an eye injury, he was back on the court Sunday against Orlando.

Now you tell us: Does Moondog look any worse for wear?

Actually, first judge by this footage whether West's swing was “accidental.” Sure, he claims it was horseplay and thought he was merely punching a mask, and he sent a pair of autographed shoes and a jersey to make amends.

But we urge commissioner David Stern to investigate the possibility of mascot bounty pools in NBA locker rooms.

Thankfully, Moondog is back in his role as fan’s best friend. And by playing out the string, he’s showing he’s got more biscuits than many players.

There’s just one question we’d love to see Moondog answer on his Twitter feed: Did Cavs owner Dan Gilbert send a get-well card written in comic sans?