May 10 is the day to wear the wrong jersey

Back on May 10, 2005, pitcher Octavio Dotel, who was then with the A's, got the call to warm up in the bullpen. He removed his jacket and found that he was wearing a green jersey, while the rest of the team was wearing gray. (He eventually switched to the proper color.)

Fast forward exactly seven years to Thursday night -- May 10, 2012. Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross got the call to warm up. He removed his jacket and found ... well, see for yourself:

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Contrary to the broadcasters' speculation, this had nothing to do with rookie hazing. Ross just mistakenly wore the wrong jersey. The full explanation can be found here.

I've been writing about uniforms for 15 years now. Lots of players have suited up in the wrong jersey during that time, but Ross and Dotel are the only players I'm aware of who've worn the wrong color jersey. And they both did it on May 10. Go figure.