Follow @thejoshhamilton to boredom!

Follow Josh Hamilton on Twitter if you want to receive carefully crafted releases from his agent. AP Photo/Ron T. Ennis

Josh Hamilton has a good shot at winning the American League Triple Crown this season. He has an even better shot at winning the title of Worst Athlete Twitter Account.

Hamilton launched his official Twitter page -- @thejoshhamilton -- on Tuesday because he wanted to silence all of the supposed impostor accounts claiming to be him. As of this writing, Hamilton's real account has more than 50,000 followers. What does baseball's best hitter have in store for all of those fans? Here's what Hamilton told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

"I'll put out statements and stuff like that, but I'll probably let my agent handle most of it," Hamilton said. "I'll update it, but I'm not going to be bothered with it."

Ooh! So he got started on Twitter out of obligation and his agent will write most of it? That is quite a sales pitch ... for all of the fake Hamilton Twitter pages.

Unfortunately, Hamilton may have now created a bigger problem than the one that already existed. Because I have some bad news: there is a new impostor Hamilton on Twitter and it has 50,000 followers. It's @thejoshhamilton and it's not written by the real Josh Hamilton, but some agent. Now he has to launch yet another "official" Twitter account written by another representative. And then it quickly gets out of control: Twitter account after Twitter account launched to silence the previous page, as Hamilton hires more and more staffers to write for him. There is no end in sight. It's a Twitter hall of mirrors.

Prediction: Josh Hamilton will end the season with more Twitter accounts than home runs, and none of them will be written by him.