Cubs fans seek Karma of the Billy Goat

Jeremy Freeman and Peter Scott aren’t the first Cubs fans to try to break the Curse of the Billy Goat, which dates to 1945, when Chicago bar owner Billy Sianis hexed the team after ushers booted him and his pet goat out of a World Series game. But at least when they fail, as they all do, some good will come of it. Last season, Freeman and Scott founded Reverse the Curse Chicago, a social enterprise that uses fan donations to buy goats for families in developing nations. It won’t make the Cubs any less laughable this year. But it will make them a little less sad to watch. Here's how the enterprise breaks down ...


Amount Billy Sianis paid in 1945 for two tickets -- one for him and one for his goat.


Number of World Series games played since 1945 (none of which have included the Cubs).


Cost of donating a curse-reversing goat.


Number of goats donated through April 8.