It was Los Angeles that begat 'Jersey Shore'

Noah Graham/NHLI/Getty Images

Everyone enjoys making fun of New Jersey. When the founding fathers forged this great country, it’s as though they carved out a section of farmland, swampland and coastline simply for jokes and ridicule.

When “Jersey Shore” debuted in December 2009, Americans across the fruited plains had new ammunition to mock those people with even the loosest association to the state. It was MTV’s gift to the nation.

So it was no surprise to see four large cutouts of “Jersey Shore” cast members prominently displayed behind the New Jersey bench when the Devils played Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals in Los Angeles on Monday night. Do the Devils have even one New Jersey native on their roster? No, they do not. But it doesn’t matter. They play in New Jersey, hence they are Snooki on skates. There’s no way around it.

Yet the attempt to mock the Devils rang hollow. Because if there is anyone who can’t make fun of the vain, talentless, fame-seeking ignoramuses of “Jersey Shore,” it’s residents of Los Angeles. Because vain, talentless, fame-seeking ignoramuses are their neighbors.

The Kardashians. Everyone from “The Hills.” Everyone from “Laguna Beach.” “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” That really punchable actor you hate. In short: Everyone involved with every awful TV show or movie ever produced.

There would be no “Jersey Shore” if Los Angeles hadn’t come first. Los Angeles has amazing weather, beautiful people, two decent basketball teams and a great hockey team. But the one thing it can’t have is “Jersey Shore” jokes.

Well, two things, I guess: “Jersey Shore” jokes and NFL football.