What was Jonathan Papelbon thinking?

ESPN Playbook speculates as to what's going on between the ears of Jonathan Papelbon. iles Kennedy/Philadelphia Phillies/Getty Images

What the heck was Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon thinking Monday night during a loss to the Dodgers when, while confronting umpire D.J. Reyburn, he "just wanted to ask him if he could throw me out for what I was thinking"?

A. "You're almost as incompetent as an NBA ref."

B. "I'm so angry at you for hitting that triple off of me."

C. "I wish I was back in Boston. Wait, no. They're also in last place."

D. "Being a major league ump is a very tough job. Much tougher than pitching one inning a few times a week for $11 million a year. I really respect you."