Derek Jeter gets Yankee University tenure

Derek Jeter has reason to smile, as he will be feted with an honorary doctorate from Siena College. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Here’s a tip of the graduation cap to Derek Jeter and the news that he’s set to receive an honorary doctorate from Siena College.

In fact, let’s start phasing out Jeter’s nickname of the Captain to the much more cerebral-sounding Dr. J.

No? How about Professor Pinstripes?

Siena gets an A for honoring Jeter’s leadership and his charitable work through his Turn 2 Foundation. But it gets a D-minus on scheduling -- the Yankees are hosting Seattle during the May 13 commencement, so sister Sharlee Jeter will head up to Loudonville, N.Y., to accept.

Finally, Jeter joins infield teammate Alex Rodriguez in being a big man on campus. The Miami Hurricanes play ball in Alex Rodriguez Park, but A-Rod had to fork over $3.9 million to get his name on the scoreboard. Talk about pay to play.

Yankee University also extends to Gainesville, Fla., where the Gators’ marching band rehearses at the Steinbrenner Band Building. How did "Seinfeld" never have a plot where Boss George wanted to join a marching band?

We can’t wait until a law school decides to honor Roger Clemens -- if not for the legal precedents his cases have been setting, then at least for drumming up business for attorneys.

We’d also love to sign up for the Jose Canseco lecture series on health and body science.

Until then, best of luck to Siena’s students. If you can’t learn anything from Jeter’s leadership skills, we hope your spring break is half as much fun as a night on the town with Jeets.