Steelers unveil stripey throwback uniform

Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 5.01.47 PM.png

Pittsburgh Steelers photo

If you're gonna throw back, you may as well throw all the way back.

That's apparently the thinking in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers have just unveiled their 80th-anniversary throwback uniforms, which are based on the team's 1934 uni design. Take a look here and here.

Yowza! Pretty out there, right? If you can get the stripes to stop vibrating for a second, here are a few notes on the design:

• NFL rules normally require a jersey to have TV numbers (the uni numbers that usually appear on the sleeves or shoulders), but this rule is sometimes waived for throwbacks. That's the case here.

• The chest patch is the Steelers' 80th-anniversary logo. It will presumably be worn on the team's standard home and road jerseys as well, although there hasn't yet been any official confirmation of that.

• This isn't the first time the Steelers have gone back to the 1930s for a throwback look. In 1994, when the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary by having teams wear throwbacks, the Steelers wore the most old-school design of the bunch.

• If anyone at Nike is reading this, please make those socks available for retail sale. They're awesome.

• Finally what should we call this design -- the prison stripe uniform? The chain gang uniform? The bumblebee uniform? The Pittsburgh barber pole? The steel candy cane?

Personally, I like it. Wouldn't want to see it every game, but it's great as a one-off anniversary uni. I have a feeling others will disagree, however. Do you? Post a comment to let us know what you think.