Brace yourself: It's Metta World Peace, actor

Metta World Peace will finally get his time in the spotlight in a Nancy Grace made-for-TV movie. Harry How/Getty Images

You have about three months to find out where Lifetime Movie Network is on your TV package.

Coming this fall, a movie based on Nancy Grace’s best-selling novel, "The Eleventh Victim," will debut on the network. Jennie Garth of "90210" fame will star.

That right there is enough reason to set your DVR already. A movie brought to you by TV’s premier overreacting crime-show host and the blonde girl from "90210" who wasn’t Tori Spelling? Guaranteed quality.

But wait. There’s more.

An accomplished thespian by the name of Metta World Peace will also star in the movie as Garlan Fincher, a Georgia police detective who works very closely with Garth’s character, a district attorney.

“I wanted to cast someone for whom I have a true fondness,” Grace told TV Guide. “Metta World Peace was my first pick."

Well, of course.

Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Denzel Washington have to really be kicking themselves for not befriending Nancy Grace. Playing Garlan Fincher could be the role of a lifetime.

At the very least, it will be quite memorable.

But wait. There’s more. Again. Two more, in fact.

According to World Peace’s IMDB page -- a must-have for any serious athlete, by the way -- he is appearing in two other upcoming movies, “9 Full Moons” and “Waking.” It’s a great sign for Hollywood and the Lakers that World Peace is the busiest actor in the business.

If only “The Avengers” would have included Metta Man, it really could have made some money.