Stockton Ports ask fans to sit on candidates

A minor league team is asking fans to endorse their favorite candidate with these seat cushions. Stockton Ports

We’re still several months away from the 2012 presidential election.

But it’s never too soon to debate the issues – such as which candidate to sit on.

Wait … what?!

The Stockton Ports, Class A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, are giving away election-themed seat cushions to the first 1,000 fans through the Banner Island Ballpark turnstiles at Friday night’s game against the Visalia Rawhide. President Barack Obama adorns one side, and Republican challenger Mitt Romney is depicted on the other.

Naturally, the Ports are asking fans to vote with their behinds by parking their backsides on the candidate they don’t support. Fans can also participate in the team’s unscientific poll through social media by using the hashtags #SitOnMitt and #BunsOnObama. Lots of minor league teams put on election-oriented promotions, and the Ports have previously given away election bobbleheads.

“This year, we wanted to do something a little different just for fun,” said Ports director of marketing Jeremy Neisser. “It’s something a little bit goofy that represents both political parties.”

Even if you're Libertarian, you'll enjoy the postgame fireworks, and on Saturday, would-be politician Jose Canseco is scheduled to make an appearance at the Ports game.

Meantime, don’t forget to get out and vote on Nov. 6.