Dez Bryant is best and only getting better

Dez Bryant is so focused on football he might not even need to attend training camp this summer. Brett Davis/US Presswire

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is very high on Dez Bryant.

“He just keeps improving and improving. He’s a kid that I enjoy playing with because he wants to get better,” Romo told Dallas TV station KTVT on Sunday. “He’s always asking, ‘Hey Tony, what can I do to be better?’ ... The guys that really want to be great and have that ability to be great, you can’t have enough of those guys. And we got a few of them. Dez is just a great kid like that. He’s getting better and better every week.”

It's common for NFL players to spend the offseason blowing smoke and talking about how great they can be. But Romo is on point here. Just look at the evidence from Bryant's offseason:

Any questions?

Recent history says the Cowboys likely won't make the NFL playoffs this season. But what they will do is lay waste to any team who dares step to them in bowling or video games.

Also, golf. Tony Romo is good at golf.