Headline puns for next R.A. Dickey streak

The Summer of R.A. Dickey is upon us, and Playbook is prepared with the necessary headline puns. Mike Stobe/Getty Images

R.A. Dickey’s streak of one-hitters ended Sunday night, as did his run of innings without giving up an earned run. But even the great Jeremy Lin had an off-night or two during his era of NBA domination.

New York tabloids will still need to fill a long summer with headlines, and A-Rod can’t do something stupid every day, nor can Tim Tebow do something -- anything -- every day. Probably.

So as a service to pun and wordplay-loving headline writers the world over, here are some forced R.A. Dickey headlines they can use as Dickeysanity heads to the All-Star break and beyond.

R.A. DICKEYlously Dominant!

R.Amazin’ Mets!

cRAzy Good!

Dickey Sicky!

R.A. All the Way!

Whaddaya Say About R.A.!

Dickey Delivers Knuckler Sandwich

Pennant R.A.cer

Dickey Tricky!


Knuck! Knuck! Knuck! Dickey Makes Stooges of ‘Em

Dickey an All-Star Picky

R.A.dishes!: Mets hurler seen eating root vegetable at Manhattan restaurant

And then about 50 more Dickey puns that should never appear in a newspaper.