2012 Harlem Globetrotters draft grades

The NBA Draft is on Thursday night, but a much more important basketball event was held Tuesday night: the 2012 Harlem Globetrotters player draft.

Let’s grade the picks.

1. James Justice: Guard, 5-foot-9, Martin Methodist College

Justice won the 2011 College Slam Dunk Championship, yes, but taking an undersized point guard at No. 1 is a reach -- especially when Anthony Davis is still on the board. With Davis' long arms, imagine how far he could throw confetti … wait, no … it's water! … into the crowd.

Grade: F

2. Bryan Narcisse: Forward, 6-6, Clemson

Narcisse shot only 37 percent from the floor last season for the Tigers. That's a bad percentage for the Globetrotters on backward shots from half court. Curious pick. If he can't whistle "Sweet Georgia Brown," Narcisse looks like a bust.

Grade: F

3. Stefan Bonneau: Guard, 5-10, C.W. Post

Another point guard? David Kahn must be running Harlem's draft. If the Washington Generals can finally have a good draft, this could be their year.

Grade: F

4. Iesha Davis: Forward, 5-10, Richard J. Daley College

So the Globetrotters picked Anthony Davis' sister with Davis himself still available? Terrible pick. I'm starting to think Harlem didn't even take this seriously.

Grade: F

5. Usain Bolt: sprinter, Jamaica

Great value pick here. Perhaps the world's premier athlete in the fifth round? Steal. Who knows what he could do if unleashed on the basketball court. Best pick of the draft so far.

Grade: A

6. Dylan Richter: Guard/Forward, 6-3, Washington University

Richter is a guard/forward combo who was a Division III All-American. He is a good glue guy. I think the Globetrotters do a trick involving glue.

Grade: B