Giants' best-dressed, class clown & more

As graduation season comes to an end, we here at Playbook have class superlatives on the brain. (And not just because we’re still bitter for being named “Class Nerd” and not “Class Dream Date” 10 years ago.)

With Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty making the rounds on the Bristol campus Tuesday, we thought we would get his help in naming the superlatives for his Super Bowl-winning teammates. You might be surprised to hear who could be making a presidential run in 2028 or which cornerback might have a duet with Kelly Clarkson in his future:

Class clown: Eli Manning. Easy. It’s a goofy, weird kind of humor. He’s a prankster. He’s always pranking somebody, especially the guys on the offensive line.

Life of the party: Antrel Rolle. No question about it. He’s always dancing. He has that larger-than-life personality. He ALWAYS gets the party started.

Best dresser: Corey Webster. By far, hands down. He always has the jacket-tie-blazer combination. He is just always on point. It’s not even close.

Best car: Antrel has a Maserati so he’s up there, but I think I have the best car. I have a 1965 Lincoln Continental. The car from "Entourage"? I have that car. I have to win this one with that, right?

Biggest gossiper: Every team has one. Ours has to be Justin Tuck. He can tell you all of our team stories.

Next American Idol: Everybody in the locker room thinks they can sing. [His dad suggests “Chris Canty” for this category] Don’t print that it’s me! I have a reputation on the streets to uphold. My dad’s not in the locker room, he doesn’t know [laughs]. So the best singer has to be … Terrell Thomas. He sings all the time, he’s always singing in the locker room, I think he always has a song in his head.

Most likely to become president: That’s a tough one but I would probably say Justin Tuck again. He’s always got an opinion. But I’ll tell you what, if Tom Coughlin ran the United States of America, I think everything would be a lot smoother.

Best nickname: Well, Jason Pierre-Paul has his own song so it’s hard to top that. "You Down With JPP"? How can it not be that?