'Pacman' Jones made poor financial moves

The cornerback formerly known as Pacman told NFL rookies he spent $1 million in one weekend. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

NFL defensive back/cautionary tale Adam (née Pacman) Jones reportedly told an NFL Rookie Symposium last week that he once spent $1 million in a single weekend.


Jones may have spent the early part of his career trying to set NFL records for stupidity, but it’s almost impossible to spend $1 million in a single weekend.

To blow through a million in 48 hours, you’d have to spend about $20,833 per hour. That’s like a Honda Civic every hour.

What would someone do with 48 Honda Civics? And why get that many of one brand of car? It makes no sense. Maybe get some Accords, too, you know? Honda also makes a fine van.

But let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Jones didn’t spend all that money on Honda Civics. There are 2,880 minutes in a weekend. So to drop $1 million, each minute Jones would have to spend about $347.22 – approximately the price of a 250 GB Xbox 360 with a Kinect bundle. Is anyone that into video games? I mean, I like video games. They’re fun. But no one needs more than a few consoles. Something doesn’t quite add up. And why buy a new Xbox every minute for a whole weekend? That sounds exhausting. If for some reason you need 2,880 Xboxes, just buy them in bulk all at once. Then you can spend the rest of your weekend playing video games.

The message to NFL rookies is clear: Learn from Pacman Jones. Don’t waste all of your money on Honda Civics and/or Xboxes with Kinect.