Memo to Yankees fans: Don't throw stones

Robinson Cano hears it from fans in Kansas City during the Home Run Derby at Kauffman Stadium. H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports/US Presswire

Kansas City Royals fans, not exactly known for unruly behavior, created a stir during this week's MLB All-Star Game festivities.

They mercilessly booed Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, who left Royals designated hitter Billy Butler off the AL Home Run Derby team. Far worse, some fans subjected Cano’s family to abuse Monday during the Home Run Derby.

As deplorable and unacceptable as we consider this treatment of Cano’s family, hopefully Yankees fans won’t start pointing their fingers toward Kansas City.

After all, this is the fan base that gave us:

Of course, we could go on and on.

So instead of taking aim at Royals fans, maybe Yankees supporters should focus their wrath on a much bigger enemy of the franchise: Reggie Jackson.